Social Club

Suspended during Covid pandemic.

Social Afternoons are held from September to the end of April on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 2 to 3.30pm (please check the Blog for exceptions).

These afternoons (including tea and biscuits) are FREE and open to everyone, whether a churchgoer or not.

We have a varied, light-hearted programme of fun and entertainment, which enables people to get to know each other and also make new friends. So, if you feel you would like to come along and give us a try you will be more than welcome.

Below are a few examples of the type of things we do:

  • Various quizzes
  • Domino and beetle drives
  • Films
  • Channel Island cricket
  • Bingo
  • Board games
  • Fairground type games
  • Countdown
  • Play Your Cards Right

For more information, please contact Shirley Plant.