South Fylde Circuit Lent Course.

The Food and Drink of Faith

South Fylde Circuit Lent Course 2021


This is a seven-week course, six weeks running across Lent and the seventh will take us into Holy Week and hopefully culminate with a Holy Week Communion Service. This will help us to explore and grow in our walk with Jesus, from his wilderness experience to the central events of Easter.

Session 1  –   Hunger and thirst for God

Session 2  –   Exploring fasting

Session 3  –   Exploring using scripture

Session 4  –   Exploring prayer 1

Session 5  –   Exploring prayer 2

Session 6  –   Exploring fellowship

Session 7  –   Exploring bread and wine

Each session asks us to:-

  • Connect – getting to know one another and our discipleship
  • Contemplate – a time of worship
  • Consider – a time to learn together
  • Commit – a time to decide the next steps you want to take with God

Zoom groups will be set up as we did for Advent, running from the week beginning 15th February on a Monday afternoon, Monday evening and Thursday morning. If you would like to join one of these groups please let me know by Sunday 7th February by email to –

A second evening group may be run if this is required.

If you cannot join a group and would like a hard copy of the course, would like further information or would like to know how to set up Zoom please let either myself or Deacon Kim know.

The course can be found on the Methodist website and can be printed off for use each week by following this link: –
Exploring spiritual practices (

Judith Smith – Lay Worker – Tel. 07586 842 846

Deacon Kim Gabbatiss – Tel. 01772 635858