This weeks Reflection, Circuit prayer themes up to the end of February and a Shrove Tuesday pancake challenge

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Prayer Meetings

Zoom meeting will take place every Monday at 6pm

Meeting ID: 830 0454 1832

Passcode: 687000

You can also ring in on 01 203 901 7895.

Each week we begin with a Bible reading and a short prayer. Then we have a time of prayer on the themes of the week.

There is an opportunity for topical prayer and we conclude with the Lords Prayer. All are welcome either to join us on zoom; to pray the themes with us without coming onto zoom or simply to use the prayers that week.

If you have a specific prayer request, please let me know on 01722 715134 or email

15 February

Miscellaneous Prayers

1 Thessalonians 5 16-18

For the world

For our nation

For our community

For our church

For our family and friends

For ourselves

22 February


James 5 7-11

Let us pray to God,
who alone makes us dwell in safety:

For all who are affected by coronavirus,
through illness or isolation or anxiety,
that they may find relief and recovery:
For those who are guiding our nation at this time,
and shaping national policies,
that they may make wise decisions:

For those carrying out the vaccination programme and all the volunteers

For doctors, nurses and medical researchers,
that through their skill and insights
many will be restored to health:

For the vulnerable and the fearful,
for the gravely ill and the dying,
that they may know your comfort and peace:

We commend ourselves, and all for whom we pray,
to the mercy and protection of God.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Challenge

“Shrove Tuesday is fast approaching and to mark it this year, the CYF Team and myself had the idea of doing a fun challenge. We are wondering if you would be up for the challenge of making a Methodist themed pancake (see the picture attached). If you do take up the challenge, we’d love it if you could share the pictures/videos of your attempt on social media, using the hashtag #MethodistPancakes and also send your images to Phoebe Parkin ( to share on the CYF/YP social media channels. You could simply use fruit or jam to decorate your pancake to look like the Methodist Orb or if you’re feeling particularly brave, use red food dye: our top tip for cooking the orb pancake is to make the white cross first and then fill in the red bits second! Perhaps you could also challenge others to have a go! Do let me know if you’re willing to accept the mission.”