Church Events Wed 19th – Friday 21st September

The following Church organised events for this week are:-

Wed. 19th Sept.                                                   at 4 pm. Choir Rehearsal

If you enjoy singing and would like to join a choir, come along and speak to Kevin or Nigel.

Thurs 20th Sept                                      at 12 pm  Tai Chi, Gentle exercise for all.

 Do come along to join this very popular 1 hour session.

Thurs. 20th Sept                                      2 – 3.30 pm. Social Afternoon. 

Afternoons of lighthearted fun and fellowship.  Open to all whether a church member or not.  Why not give it a try?

We Start these  Social Afternoons again this Thursday At 2 pm. with a  ‘Domino Drive’ .

Image result for Playing Dominoes Clip Art

Friday 21st                         10.30 am – 12  Coffee Morning. 

This is our regular popular and busy Friday Coffee Morning.  We often have visitors and holiday makers calling in as well as our regulars so do come along and enjoy a reasonably priced drink and biscuits.  Just call in or stay a while.  We would love to see you.

       Do come along and join us. ALL ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE DRIVE.