Lancashire District Zoom Service 7p.m. Sunday 19th April

The Lancashire Methodist District of the Methodist Church shares in the calling of the Methodist Church to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Jesus Christ and to live out our discipleship in worship and mission.


We are going to run another Zoom service on Sunday 19th April at 7.00pm. Once again admission will be by password and the requirement is to send the form below to the email address.

Easter Sunday worked much better than the week before. I think we are beginning to get the hang of joining together on a Sunday Evening to share. Now everyone has now found the mute button we are progressing. The use of chat for prayers has developed and will now be recorded and sent to all those who ask to join so it can be used in our prayers the following week.

We are still learning lessons.  Last week we sang, “Duets with Jason”. I hope we can do it again.  We will all be muted except Jason who will provide us with some music. You can then sing along at home at whatever volume you want! We will send the hymn numbers with the reply to the email. This week we are going to try to use a hymn from singing the faith plus © and we will send you the words. The tune is familiar.

If you’ve not joined us before, please look at the how to use zoom advice. (It comes from the L’Arche community so is really helpful) In such a situation we need to learn a new ‘etiquette’ that is totally different from the ones we have trained ourselves in over the years, especially when we are in the comfort of our own home.

At present we can only admit 100 devices at any one time. Last Sunday we were able to accommodate everyone who applied so we haven’t increased the number available. We will continue to monitor the situation but please use the form at the bottom to sign up.

Please copy the below in an email and send to:

Application form to join the Zoom meeting on Sunday 19th April at 7.00pm.



Required for sending meeting details and password.

Church & Circuit if known

This helps us to know where you are in Lancashire

Application needs to be sent to