Lancashire District live Zoom Service 7pm Sunday’s

The Lancashire District regular worship gathering via zoom will take place on Sunday at 7.00 p.m

I think everyone has now found the mute button but we must remember to be muted unless we have been invited to say something as zoom responds to any noise. The use of chat for prayers has developed and will now be recorded and sent to all those who ask to join so it can be used in prayers the following week.

We are still learning lessons.  Once again we will be singing, I’ve called it “Duets with Jason”. As we will all be muted except Jason you can then sing along at home at whatever volume you want! If you have a hymnbook to hand it would be helpful although we will try to get the words up as well this may be more complicated. 

We can still only admit 100 devices at any one time. We have been able to accommodate everyone who applied so we haven’t increased the number available. We will continue to monitor the situation but please use the form at the bottom to sign up.

Click Here for application form
Click Here for instructions on how to use Zoom