This Week’s Meditation 30th April

Mid-week Meditation 30th April 2020 Apostolic Witness

Acts 3-4

Walking on a deserted beach one might wonder how we can witness today to those who we don’t meet but God seems to find a way. Not many dog walking trips to the beach go without us ‘bumping’ into someone we know, and church generally becomes the topic of conversation, remembering those who are in hospital or at home in isolation.

Paul was always finding a way to witness in whatever situation he found himself, be it at The Gate Beautiful or before the Council. Nothing really fazed him, yet our own reticence often makes us question our own witness. Perhaps we stop and over think it or perhaps we worry about the consequence too much. When God empowers our witness, however feeble, his love will still shine through.

Let us pray

Lord God, give us the courage and faith to be witnesses in your world. Fill our lives with your love and your truth that others will know that we are your followers. Help us to speak out, help us to listen to those around us, enable us to give virtual hugs and share your love. Lord touch our lives by your Holy Spirit that we may care for those in need, for those who are carers and for ourselves. 

Help us to recognise our own uniqueness in your sight and teach us to walk in your way, with the one who walked before us and shared all that life means to us. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen


How do we listen to God?

How do we speak out for Him?

Who can you give a virtual hug to?

Give one to yourself!

Compiled by Judith Smith, Lay Worker in the South Fylde Methodist Circuit April 2020

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