Mid-week Reflection 5. Also June is Bible Month scroll down for more info. & the opportunity of joining a group to study the Book of Ruth.

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June is Bible Month – an opportunity to study the Book of Ruth

We are looking to set up house groups using Zoom to study the Book of Ruth over four weeks in June. This would be a weekly meeting and depending on the take up of it will depend when in the day or evening we will run it. The material is available at www.preachweb.org/books-and-diaries/bible-month-30-days-with-ruth-digital-copy

It could be we meet as individual churches or as mixed groups as we would only be looking at having about 8 people in each group.

If you have not used a Zoom meeting before, don’t be put off, it really is very simple to get into as the leader would send out the information and you would just click on the instructions. The meetings will last 30-40 minutes.

If you are interested please get in touch with Judith or Stephen by the 18th May so we can advise you about how to use Zoom, make sure you have the study materials and enrol you in a group.

email Judith jp.smith185@btinternet.com Tel 01253 720986