Mid week Reflection commencing 24th May & how to join meeting to study the Book of Ruth.

Captive to the Gospel

Galatians 4 v 1-7

On Sunday 24th May we celebrated Aldersgate Day, the conversion of the brothers John and Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism. I wonder what they would make of the world today or even this tiny little corner of it in South Fylde. Churches empty, yet the ties of fellowship have pulled us together hopefully forming a bond that cannot be broken. It is that bond of the Gospel that holds us together, that allows us the privilege of calling God Abba, Father.

Super-glue wasn’t around in the 18th Century but I’m sure that had it been Wesley would have drawn an analogy for such a glue that sticks even that which is reluctant to stick, making it so difficult to part from, as being like the Gospel. Isn’t that how when we hear the Gospel we want to be. Stuck to God as a child is to his father, as heirs to his kingdom.

Let us pray

We thank you that we can put our total faith and trust in you as our Father. We know we can depend on you, even when we stray from the path you would have us walk, or when we do those things which put a strain on our relationship with you. Lord we are sorry for those times when we separate ourselves from you, but we know that your consistency and love are always there to hold us when we need you.

Help us to stay true to the Gospel, to stick to those things which are held together in the power of your Spirt. We honour all those who have gone before us and shown us how to live our lives in the shadow of the cross, captivated by the Gospel. Amen


Where did you first find God?

Can you relate to Mother God or Father God?

It is God who holds us in the palm of his hand, so that we can reach out in love and touch others in need of his love.

June is Bible Month – an opportunity to study the Book of Ruth

We are setting up house groups using Zoom to study the Book of Ruth over four weeks in June. They are meeting on Thursday mornings and evenings each week starting the 4th June. Please get in touch with Judith or Stephen if you would like to book in and receive the joining information. The study material is available at www.preachweb.org/books-and-diaries/bible-month-30-days-with-ruth-digital-copy

If you have not used a Zoom meetings before, don’t be put off, it really is very simple to get into as the leader would send out the information and you would just click on the instructions. The meetings will last 30-40 minutes.

If you are interested please get in touch with Judith or Stephen a.s.a.p.so we can advise you about how to use Zoom, make sure you have the study materials and enrol you in a group.