Stephens Letter, Readings and Reflection week commencing 14th June

Dear All

As well as our usual information I include a prayer written by Rev Paul Davis, Chair of the Lancashire District and Superintendent of our Circuit.

In this time across our county and country we pray for the following, for the

Leaders of our government at national and local level. Agricultural community, for farmers and farm workers and all who produce our food. National Health Service and all who work in it and all other key workers. Care Homes, their staff and residents. Airlines, and all who work in travel, hospitality and deliveries. Schools, colleges and universities, pupils, teachers and students. Homes of our loved ones we cannot be with at the moment. Isolated and the lonely and the unwell. Remembering of those we have lost. Encouragement as we emerge from this in a better shape to be servants of the gospel.

Gracious God, we offer these and all our prayers in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Saturday 20th June is World Refugee Day

Readings for the week commencing 14th June – The Glory of the Lamb

SundayMatthew 9:35-10:8Psalm 100*STF 410Lord, your Church on earth is seeking
Monday  John 1:1-18  Psalm 53  *STF 181Of the Father’s love begotten
TuesdayJohn 1:35-51Psalm 54  *STF 350  I cannot tell why he, whom angels worship
WednesdayJohn 2:1-12Psalm 55:1-8*STF 572Author of life divine  
Thursday  John 2:13-35  Psalm 55:16-22*STF 326Jesus comes with all his grace
FridayJohn 3:1-15Psalm 56  *STF 361Man of sorrows! What a name
SaturdayJohn 3:16-21Psalm 57:1-3,7-11*STF 346Christ is the world’s light, Christ and none other  

*Not everyone will have a *STF hymn book so we have put the first line of the hymn alongside so that you can look it up in another hymn book or google it or play it on You Tube.

If you would like some background on the readings and points to ponder please go to  

You may want to read all three elements at once or others may prefer to space them out during the day – breakfast, dinner and tea. What works for you?  Some may need to set an alarm on their phone so that they don’t forget, while others will not be able to do anything else until readings are read and prayers shared. You will find a pattern that works for you and gives a framework for your day.