Minister’s Letter (November)

Remember, remember the fifth November…… a childhood verse which reminds us that, of all of the months of the year, November is the month for remembrance. We have All Saints Day and, on the next day All Souls Day and many of our churches have a service to remember loved ones who have died. We remember the folk who have passed through our lives, the loved ones who have supported us, the saints who encouraged us, the nameless ones who have affected us – and we give thanks. Later in the month we have Remembrance Sunday when we remember those who have lost their lives in war. In the past year we have continued to remember the centenary of events in WW1 and have paused to reflect upon it being 70 years since the end of WW2.
The Old testament prophet Isaiah calls us to remember the rock from which we were hewn. It is the call to remember past times, moments of faith and faithfulness , times of grace and gratefulness, as having been gifts from God. It is the call to recognise that God who was faithful in history continues to be faithful in the present and can be relied upon into the future. Then we see the good that can be found in relationships and in humane actions. We see the faith that expresses hope in the darkest of days. We remember the grace with which God embraces his world. We recall the love with which God gathers us close. So, we can have hope. The God ,who is made known to us in Jesus Christ, is a faithful and loving God. The Apostle Paul writes to the Christians in Rome, saying, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”
Blessings and hope abound! Remember and give thanks!