Charles Wesley, Singing the Faith hymn 450 verses 1, 2,5

(verses 1 and 2 draw on details of the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19)

Open, Lord, my inward ear, and

 bid my heart rejoice;

bid my quiet spirit hear

your comfortable voice;

never in the whirlwind found,

or where earthquakes rock the place,

still and silent is the sound,

the whisper of your grace.

From the world of sin, and noise,

and hurry I withdraw;

for the small and inward voice

I wait with humble awe;

silent am I now and still,

dare not in your presence move;

to my waiting soul reveal

the secret of your love.

Lord, my time is in your hand,

my soul to you convert;

you can make me understand,

though I am slow of heart;

yours in whom I live and move,

yours the work, your name divine;

you are wisdom, power, and love,

and all you are is mine.