Readings for weeks commencing 10th January until the end of the month

Readings for the week commencing 10th January 2021 – The Waters of Salvation

SundayMark 1: 4-11Psalm 29STF 233When Jesus came to Jordan  
MondayIsaiah 43: 1-7Psalm 50: 1-15STF 440Amazing grace – how sweet the sound  
TuesdayActs 10: 34-43Psalm 51STF 348He is Lord, he is Lord  
WednesdayHebrews 1: 1-12Psalm 53STF 199Glory be to God on high  
ThursdayJoshua 3: 1-17Psalm 54STF 744Come, let us join our friends above  
FridayIsaiah 55: 1-11Psalm 55: 1-8STF 401Come, sinners, to the Gospel feast  
SaturdayRomans 6: 1-11Psalm 55: 16-22STF 538Now through the grace of God we claim  

Readings for the week commencing 17th January 2021 – Messianic Ministry

SundayJohn 1: 43-51Psalm 139STF 350I cannot tell why he, whom angels worship  
MondayLuke 4: 16-30Psalm 56STF 239Sent by the Lord am I  
TuesdayLuke 4: 31-44Psalm 57: 1-3, 7-11STF 653O Christ, the Healer, we have come  
WednesdayLuke 5: 1-11Psalm 61STF 558Lord, you have come to the seashore  
ThursdayLuke 5: 12-16Psalm 63: 1-8STF 448Lord, in the strength of grace  
FridayLuke 5: 17-26Psalm 65STF 258You are the Vine  
SaturdayLuke 5: 27-39Psalm 66-1-12STF 660Called by Christ to be disciples  

Readings for the week commencing 24th January 2021 – Kingdom Priorities

SundayMark 1: 14-20Psalm 62STF 355Jesus, lover of my soul  
MondayGalatians 1: 11-24Psalm 67STF 450Open, Lord, my inward ear  
TuesdayLuke 6: 1-11Psalm 150STF 244Blest are the pure in heart  
WednesdayLuke 6: 12-16Psalm 68: 1-6, 32-35STF 401Come, sinners, to the gospel feast
ThursdayLuke 6: 17-31Psalm 69: 1-18STF 650Heal us, Immanuel! Hear our prayer
FridayLuke 6: 32-38Psalm 69: 30-36STF 513Take this moment, sign, and space
SaturdayLuke 6: 39-49Psalm 70STF 197Cradled in a manger meanly  

Readings for the week commencing 31st January 2021 – Healing Faith

SundayMark 1: 21-28Psalm 111STF 251Jesus Christ is waiting  
MondayLuke 7: 1-10Psalm 72STF 655We cannot measure how you heal  
TuesdayLuke 2: 22-32Psalm 24STF 232Through long years of watchful waiting  
WednesdayLuke 7: 11-17Psalm 71: 1-16  STF 306Now the green blade rises from the buried grain
ThursdayLuke 7: 18-23Psalm 71: 17-24STF 264Make way, make way, for Christ the King  
FridayLuke 7: 24-30Psalm 73: 1-14STF 247I danced in the morning  
SaturdayLuke 7: 31-35Psalm 73: 15-28STF 364O for a thousand tongues to sing