Stephen’s letter and Information for week commencing 20th June.

Dear All

I am sure we are all praying for the Prime Minister and The Cabinet as they listen to their advisors and consider the data across the country before they make their decision about the easing of restrictions. Like everyone else we are paused before making plans and announcing dates for Church Councils and General Church Meetings and the reopening the various church groups and, of course, waiting to see if worship can return to ‘normal’. Whatever the announcement it will take time to make the permitted/required changes but we will keep you informed of any changes as quickly as we can. 



 information sheet for the weeks commencing 13th & 20th JUNE 2021

13th June at 10.30 a.m.   Morning Worship Judith Smith

20th June at 10.30 a.m.   Morning Worship & Holy Communion led by Rev. Stephen Heath

N.B Booking is not required as regular attenders have arrival times and other people will be accommodated. We remind people of the importance of maintaining 2m distancing at all times. Temperature checks on arrival have also been suspended.  To access the Service on line go to  or

Sundays at 11.45 a.m. There is an invitation to join in fellowship by Zoom with others from around the Circuit hosted by Deacon Kim. To join

Circuit Prayer Meetings via Zoom

The South Fylde Circuit 15 minute prayer meeting from 6.00-6.15 p.m. each Monday at 6pm will resume on the 14th June on Zoom.  Meeting ID: 830 045 4183.  Passcode: 687000.  You can also ring in on 01 203 901 7895.   There is an opportunity for topical prayer and we conclude with the Lord’s Prayer. All are welcome either to join us on zoom, to pray the themes with us without coming onto zoom or simply to use the prayers that week.

Readings for the week commencing 13th June 2021 – Called to Love

If you would like some background on the readings and points to ponder please go to

SundayMark 4:26-34Psalm 92STF 255The kingdom of God
MondayLuke 9:46-50Psalm 143:1-8STF 194Child of joy and peace
TuesdayLuke 9:51-62Psalm 144STF 277My song is love unknown
WednesdayLuke 10:1-12Psalm 145:1-9STF 391O breath of life, come sweeping through us
ThursdayLuke 10:17-24Psalm 145:10-21STF 11Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!
FridayLuke 10:25-37Psalm 147STF 723Who can sound the depths of sorrow in the Father heart of God
SaturdayLuke 10:38-42Psalm 148STF 530To be in your presence

Readings for the week commencing 20th June 2021 – Watch and Pray

SundayMark 4:35-41Psalm 107STF 241When we were in the darkest night
MondayLuke 11:1-13Psalm 149STF 528Pray, without ceasing, pray
TuesdayLuke 11:14-36Psalm 1STF 637Soldiers of Christ, arise
WednesdayLuke 12:1-12Psalm 2:1-8STF 623A safer stronghold our God is still
ThursdayLuke 1:57-66,80Psalm 80:1-7STF 73Fill thou my life, O Lord my God
FridayLuke 12:13-21Psalm 3:1-6STF 34O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
SaturdayLuke 12:22-31Psalm 4STF 115Praise ye the Lord! ‘Tis good to raise

Remember you are never alone. We are never more than a phone call or email away. Please keep in touch and keep safe.  

Peace be with you.