Praying for Lancashire, Rev Paul Davis

It has been some weeks since I wrote Praying 21 which has been used across the District.  I don’t think I am alone in finding this is probably the time to try something different. Here is a new offering to help you pray at nine pm. Keep  praying 21 but if you want a new format here it is.

An Explanation:

I have a great fondness for acrostic prayers, where each line builds into something. In the prayer handbook I chose Respond here I have chosen Lancashire.

In this time across our county and country we pray for the following for the

Leaders of our government at national and local level.
Agricultural community, for farmers and farm workers and all who produce our food.
National Health Service and all who work in it and all other key workers.
Care Homes their staff and residents.
Airlines, and all who work in travel, hospitality and deliveries.
Schools, colleges and universities, pupils, teachers and students.
Homes of our loved ones we cannot be with at the moment
Isolated and the lonely and the unwell.
Remembering of those we have lost. 
Encouragement as we emerge from this in a better shape to be servants of the gospel.

Gracious God, we offer these and all our prayers in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I know there are many creative people across our District who can write wonderful prayers. Here is a challenge. If you have a prayer to offer for us to use in our 2100 prayers, send it to the District Office and I will see if we can include new prayers in the coming weeks.

Lancashire District Office email: