Stephen’s Letter 17th July, Readings commencing 19th and this week’s Reflection

Dear All

A few weeks ago we were regularly speaking of the ‘new normal’ and excited about restrictions being lifted and greater freedoms. Opening up after lockdown is not easy. The boundaries of staying safe are blurred and personal perspectives differ. Wearing a face covering to enter a shop or go on a bus or train is mandatory in order to reduce the spread of the virus. At another level it reminds us of what many in the NHS and other essential workers have endured for months, day in and day out as they have been on the frontline of managing the effects of the virus.

I think many of us thought the new normal would be life after the virus and we are now realising it is living with the virus. Ways of living will constantly change responding to new insights of science and the rise and fall of the rate of infection but always being reminded of the interdependency of humanity right across the world.

There is so much about this I struggle to understand but I know it is more important than ever we pray:

For those in authority as they review the information before them and make decisions. 

For each other that we remember there are safe and unsafe ways of doing things.

For the correct balance between opening up the economy, enjoying a greater freedom and keeping people safe.

And, as the school holidays begin, people will discover new ways to relax and refresh themselves.

Readings for the week commencing 19th July – Honouring the Father

SundayMatthew 13:24-30, 36-43Psalm 86:1-13STF 114Praise the Lord! You heavens, adore him
Monday  John 8: 34-47Psalm 81  STF 181Of the father’s love begotten
TuesdayJohn 8:48-59Psalm 84  STF 91  The God of Abraham Praise
WednesdayLuke 8:1-3Psalm 63:1-8STF 471Lord, I come to you  
Thursday  John 9:1-12  Psalm 100STF 582Eat this bread and never hunger
FridayJohn 9:13-23Psalm 87  STF 440Amazing grace- how sweet the sound
SaturdayMatthew 20:20-28Psalm 126STF 486Who would true valour see  

Remember you are never alone. We are never more than a phone call or email away. We Please keep in touch and keep safe.

Peace be with you